The Idea Board

Our goal as interior designers is to refresh and inspire. On our blog, we’ll explore current trends, and give you ideas on how you can put those ideas to use in your own spaces.

Are you looking for children’s furniture to store some of those new school clothes? Find out how to identify and purchase safe furniture. Read more…





What Color is it Anyway?

attractive lighting enhances color

You may have selected a color you love, only to hate it once it’s on the wall. This may not be completely your fault. Light affects how we perceive color. Read more…




Shedding Light On The Subject

A light bulb isn’t just a source of light. It’s color temperature can help you to wake up, or wind down. Read more…





Wood Paneling: Is it For You?

If you are old enough, you might remember the knotty pine paneling found in rec rooms and basements in mid-century homes. We’ve come a long way since then.  Read more…



Picking a Timeless Color Palette

Is  an neutral white on white paint the best choice for a color scheme? We think your interior spaces should inspire and relax. Take a look at some tips to consider for your color palette.



Color of the Year

What’s new and fresh? The Pantone Color Institute’s color of the year: Greenery. Find out how to integrate this versatile color into your home.

Read all about it.

Stylish Floor Finishes

Glossy or satin? Multi-toned or solid? Hand-scraped or…? What’s the trend in wood floor finishes? We tell you all about it in this week’s blog post.

Wood Floors: Color Trends

What’s new in the world of wood flooring? Are light or dark woods au courant?  And what about grey? We explore current trends in this post.