About Us

Our goal is to design interiors that are inspiring, refreshing and functional. Even on a budget, we believe beautiful interiors are achievable. Our professionally trained designers work to develop unified and personalized spaces that leave our clients enraptured with our designs.

At The Designers, we specialize in commercial and residential interior design. We provide a number of resources that are not actively available to the average person. Such resources include our connections with furniture, lighting, accessory, drapery and flooring vendors.

We also collaborate with industry partners such as contractors, architects, and electrical, plumbing, cabinetry and professional installment assistance. This insures that our clients’ design experience is as seamless as possible leaving them delighted with what our firm has to offer.

Ethical business practice is at the core of what we do. Marilyn S. Hansen, FASID is a member of the Business Ethics Alliance and has created training materials and taught extensively on this topic. We practice and promote ethical business practice in all we do.