Designer Walk-Through

Have you ever wondered what to do with your house… and you know you don’t want to do it all right now?

Did you wish you had a road map to guide your renovation, even if you knew you wanted to do it over a long period of time? Or, do you think hiring an Interior Designer is too expensive?

The Designers has a program for people just like you!

For a flat fee of $200.00, one of our Interior Designers will spend an hour with you in your home. We’ll discuss your dream home, walking through the spaces you’re concerned about. We’ll discuss how to transform your current space into a place that will refresh and inspire.

The Designers can help you to achieve your dream home

We’ll create a  detailed list of changes you can make. Then, you can decide how to solve those design challenges – using our guidelines – at your own pace.

Renovating and refreshing a space doesn’t always involve tearing out walls. Some changes are simple, like a new paint color. We can look at other things, such as…

  • Is your lighting adequate, or should it be changed?
  • How can your kitchen be more effective without spending a fortune?
  • What type of floor covering will give you the look you want?
  • We can help you to select materials that will wear well
  • How to avoid costly remodeling mistakes

So, if your budget is only $500 a year, you will have a game plan and a priority list you can work with. Ready to get started? Contact us today.