Projects We Still Love

Revisiting projects that have a special place in our hearts

Cozy Cottage

A hand-carved Tudor oak family heirloom bed was the inspiration for this reflection of the Elizabethan era in a new home.



Craftsman Style Revisited

Joe Kreski, AIA architect partnered with Marilyn S Hansen, FASID to create this Craftsman inspired unique addition to a kitchen

This hood reflects a Craftsman style influence complemented by metallic and stone tile.

Dramatic Change

Redesigning a 1984 traditional brick fireplace updated this space to a new modern effect.

Unique Granite Inspired Kitchen

Every interior design project has a moment of inspiration. In this case, granite began the recipe for a fantastic interior.

Many times, an appliance can solve a design problem and develop into a functional solution as well. Note the French door oven with its ease of access.

Remnant of the island granite was repeated in the backsplash allowing for maximum use of this exotic material and uniting the complete kitchen design.