Every aspect of the project… was given her personal attention

My first encounter with Marilyn Hansen was in 1996 when I took a design class from her. I found her to be informative, interesting, and extremely talented. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I would be in desperate need of those qualities a few years later. My husband and I were being transferred back to the U.S. from an assignment in London, England. The condo, which I had purchased on a quick house hunting mission back to Omaha, was in need of renovation. While we were still residing abroad, Marilyn worked closely with us via phone, fax, and emails. Every aspect of the project; flooring, paint, lighting, fixtures and furniture was given her personal attention. It couldn’t have been a smoother transition for us. Six years later, with the purchase of our current home, we found ourselves in need of her services once again and Marilyn expertly managed every detail. My husband and I have very much enjoyed working with Marilyn over the years, not only for her professionalism and expertise, but for the positive attitude she brings to every project.