A source of inspiration for Interior Designers is the International Home Furnishings Center Highpoint Market (IHFC). Insiders refer to this as Highpoint Market. Over 70,000 people from all over the world com to view displays of interior design products. They’re displayed as though they were in use in your home. Popular trends and new ideas are everywhere!

Faux succulent plants are all the rage and are easy to take care of when no one‘s home. You can create a corner display of plants or show off an interesting succulent garden underneath your glass-top coffee table. You’ll be able to look down to see the beautiful textures and shades of green.

Do you notice the blue-toned succulent toward the back? How easy it would be to add just a touch of blue to balance against the green! You could almost consider green the new neutral color. How about adding a gold accessory to complete the look?

And by the way, green is the hot color for 2023. Green was everywhere at Highpoint Market. Take a look at this luxurious grass-green velvet sofa! The rich color and beautiful texture beg to be touched.iores repellat.