Trends in Wood Floor Finishes

These days, not many people have time to wax a wood floor until it reflects your smile with its mirror-like shine. Thankfully, floor manufacturers have created that look for us, and very glossy floors have enjoyed a long run of popularity. The up-side of glossy floors is that they look elegant and traditional. The downside: dust.

This may be one of the reasons why satin-toned finishes are increasing in popularity. A medium satin sheen lends a sophisticated touch without the high maintenance. Beyond satin-tone finishes, there are other trends reaching the market.

Hand-scraped finishes enhance the appearance of wood grain.

An interesting style is the hand-scraped finish. A mechanical process produces a rougher appearance to the flooring that helps to enhance the appearance of the grain pattern. When shopping for this finish, look at the pieces carefully. Some manufacturers introduce random variations in the scraping pattern to make it look more handcrafted; while on others, the scraping is entirely uniform. Opt for the first choice for a more authentic look. Hand-scraped finishes are available in both natural wood and manufactured flooring.

Reclaimed wood is also beginning to trend as a flooring material. This yields lots of visual interest, and is a green choice. Those who love it aren’t bothered by the fact that it may be more costly to purchase and install. In the end, though, you’ll have a beautiful floor like no one else.

Finally, the use of wider planks and even mixing planks of various widths can add interest and dimension to your floor.

Which is best? Call today for an on-site consultation to help you to decide. Maximizing your design dollars is what we do best. Many times, it’s possible to achieve the look of a high-end product with less-expensive materials.