Des Moines Holiday Inn Mercy Campus

Our work for this hotel on the Mercy Hospital Campus earned an ASID Silver Award for Contract-Hospitality Design. The renovation for this hotel took its inspiration by the dining room views of downtown by night.The accents of red, blue, purple, green and gold reflect the city nights against a black velvet darkness.

The English Pub style was removed in the restaurant, and the purple ceiling in the dining room join the bar area to create one large space, The dramatic bar with silvery tile accents creates a perfect foil for the colorful bar stools and dining nooks as they provide a view of  the expanse of the city skyline.

The entrance was rebuilt and modernized to bring the interior up to date.These color tones were repeated in the lobby as we updated the front desk, added a sofa, rug and art work.

Katrina Methot-Swanson, an Omaha artist, created a painting for each dining booth that represented one of the major elements of the city’s skyline. The meeting rooms, business center and powder rooms were updated at this time as well. Large scale artwork was added throughout the lobby area to unify the design.